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MISSION: The mission of Horses For Healing, Inc., is the provision of client-centered, trauma-informed, and evidence-based clinical equine psychotherapy and complementary services that support healing from pervasive trauma. To provide services to all who suffer from complex trauma regardless of age, gender, race, culture. And, to provide a gold standard of care to both our clients and our equine partners. And to actively advocate for and provide a permanent home to elder/vulnerable horses so that they may have a new purpose in their elder years. 

VISION: The vision of Horses For Healing, Inc is "horses helping humans. humans helping horses."


We Moved!

We are very excited to announce Horses For Healing has found a new home. Our new facility will allow us the opportunity to enhance and expand our programs!


10513 2nd St NW Albuquerque NM 87114 

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Licensed clinical therapists provide evidence-based equine therapy using a trauma informed care model. Specialties include, Cognitive Processing Therapy for military, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, attachment work, depression, anxiety, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Wraparound services include: Ashva yoga, restorative yoga, mindfulness, Trauma Release therapy, acupuncture, acudetox and are provided by certified staff. These complementary services support our military veterans/families.


Our equine staff are trained to work with our clients’needs and provide an important link to successful therapy.

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2024 Horses for Healing


PURCHASE A CALENDAR: Your donation towards a 2024 calendar directly supports the care and feeding of our therapy horses. The calendar is filled with more than 12 stunning professional photos of our horses. Fill your wall all year with the beauty of the horse!


Seen Through Horses

Horses For Healing provides mental health services utilizing horses to Veterans, adults, adolescents, children and families.


We are a team of licensed mental health professionals and equine partners providing evidence-based psychotherapy utilizing horses using a trauma informed care model. Specialties include Cognitive Processing Therapy for military, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, attachment work, depression, anxiety, and more!

Programs offered include Clinical Equine Psychotherapy, Veteran wraparound services (yoga, acupuncture, mindfulness, et.), Group teambuilding retreats, Peer-led Veteran groups, Therapeutic Gardening, Summer Youth Programs, and Veteran Outreach Services.




Active Duty

National Guard


"One never knows what they don't know until they need to know.


With many failed attempts at counseling, I found myself broken and susceptible that anything could help.  My initial visits started with Calle and Ashva yoga.  Calle opened my senses and mind up to breathing, calming, mindfulness, and adapting my inner focus to the "moment".  Her structured/guided, "check your face" one-on-one program gave me the privacy and confidence I needed to be open and receptive to therapy.  I also participated in joint therapy with Celina and Harley (and Watson, Oreo, the minis and Rolex).  Overtime, this combined approach has given me immeasurable tools, confidence and helped me reach the decision to not only live but to thrive out of trauma.  I can't express how much this program has helped me in gaining my identity, confidence, and joy.  Words cannot express how humbled I am to have received therapy with this professional "outside the box" group of individuals.  Claire has put together a dynamic program serving our community, youth and military members.  Thank you to the entire staff at Horses for Healing!!"


-Veteran Client

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Horses For Healing offers individual and family equine therapy programs for children, adolescents, adults.

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