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Horses For Healing accepts most commercial insurance plans, Medicaid and TriCare. For military veterans without insurance, funding comes from the State of New Mexico Veteran and Family Support Services.

For ages, horses have shared a special connection with people.


At Horses For Healing, our equine therapy has shown to be effective in supporting combat veterans with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other chronic mental illnesses.

Veterans & Active Duty


Equine programs, from horseback riding to equine-assisted therapy, have long been known to help improve human mental health.

At Horses For Healing, we know that horses are particularly good for children and have exceptional benefits for children with emotional or behavioral issues.


Together you and your family will get to experience horses and each other in an environment unlike any other.  

At Horses For Healing, our work with families create an experience like any other. Through our work with horses, our families learn how to trust, communicate and bond with each other.

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